Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PHP Navigator: The Web based file management system

This is a brilliant tool I recently came across. PHPNav is an onlne file manager, very useful when you wish to edit your web pages on your server. It has a Windows Explorer style look and feel and lets you view/edit pages with ease.

For starters, you can download PHPNav here. Decompress the folder on your server where your website is hosted (for me, it was /htdocs/cloudplayer). The folder name would be phpnav. You can rename it to anything you want. Now, configuring it is pretty easy. Follow the steps below.

1. Ensure that the PHPNav folder is now in the directory containing the index page (landing page) of your site.

2. Inside your PHPNav directory, open the config.php file for editing. Search for the line $compress=true. After that line, add the following lines.

$mysql_server="xxxxxx"; //your SQL Server name
$mysql_user = "xxxxx"; //your SQL server username
$mysql_passwd = "xxxxx"; //your SQL Server password
$mysql_db = "xxxxxxxx"; // database name
$mysql_table = "xxxx"; // main table name in the database. for me it was called users

3. You can edit the login info for your PHPNav by changing the values of $user and $passwd.

You are good to go now. Enter the path of your PHPNav folder and login!

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