Sunday, April 20, 2014

Installing android apps on Blackberry Playbook without jailbreaking

I bought a Blackberry playbook (Don't ask me why!) and was shocked to see the lack of apps on the Blackberry App World. It practically rendered my tablet useless. Until I found that you can install Android apps on the playbook. Now, there are ways to even jailbreak your playbook and install the whole Android Play Store on the table. But, if you aren't comfortable taking such extreme measures, you can follow these simple steps to install android apps on your playbook.

You will need a Chrome browser for this. A great plus is you don't need to use the official Playbook Manager, thus allowing you to install apps on non Windows platforms as well.

1. Install the chrome plugin BB10/Playbook app manager.
2. Convert the android apps (.apk format) to a .bar format (BB app format) using this site.
3. Install the converted bar files on your playbook using the Chrome plugin.

Voila! You have your favourite android apps on your playbook now.

I installed Kindle, Quora, Google maps etc. All working fine.

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