Friday, May 13, 2011

Angry Birds now on the Web: Google I/O

This was the first Google I/O conference I saw (online obviously, the tickets for the event in San Francisco were sold out in 58 minutes!). It was brilliant. There was a hell lot of good news including a flat rate of 5% for chrome app developers, ability to make in-app payments etc. All announcements during Google I/O can be viewed here. A loyal follower of the Firefox browser, I have now actually completely moved to Chrome.

But the best of all is the news that Angry Birds is now available as an app on the Chrome Web store. That's right, now whatever be your operating system, you can still play. Complete game with all levels plus a 'chrome destination' which has a 'chromy' landscape. And the best part of it all, you can play it offline on the chrome browser. The game is stored locally on the computer. Brilliant, right? Just go ahead and play! Plus, if you still are not ready to download chrome, you can play it on any browser here.

Chromebooks were also announced during Google I/O, notebooks with the Chrome OS released by a few companies like Samsung and Acer. With a brilliant battery life and a really small startup time, it really seems to be a good buy.

The latest of WebGL and HTML 5 were made known and all in all, it was just brilliant. Here are some of the chrome experiments, some of which use WebGL. The countdown looked really cool. However, I had installed the latest version of Chrome on Ubuntu but the WebGL experiments didn't work giving a message saying that "WebGL is not supported by this browser". If I am not wrong, WebGL is still not yet completely supported by many browsers including Chrome on Linux. Chrome on windows should be supporting it.


  1. nice. angry birds is just making leaps and bounds. It shouldn't be long before it is available on the fb platform as well.