Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Codepad & Pastebin : Two really good tools

I came across some really awesome tools and I thought I should share them for the greater good of the world of noob developers. While working, you must have felt the need to share a certain snippet of code with a friend or people in IRC channels for support and it gets really pissing off for both you and them when you email them lines of code or even worse, paste your output in IRC channels which encourages not more than 1-2 lines.

Codepad is a nice tool wherein you can paste a code in the window and the output is displayed and a URL is given for the whole page which contains the code and the output. It supports a number of languages and sharing is a lot easier now since it's just a URL.

Similarly, pastebin is a similar tool where you just paste stuff..anything practically..more of like a cloud clipboard. You could paste code, output of a certain command that needs to be shared etc. It offers syntax highlighting et al. A cleaner tool than pastebin is http://paste.pocoo.org/


  1. Awesome stuff bro..nicely done..your website and blog..How come you never told us about it?

  2. Hey Chirag...thanks man...just keeping it low profile..started this blog more to help me remember things I came across online :P

    Do check out this post http://goo.gl/fdzvr . You might be interested. Plus, you can follow my blog you know.

    I noticed you just created a Blogger account. Good Luck!